Welcome to Clinton Township of Lenawee County

Clinton Township is located in the County of Lenawee in the Southern portion of Michigan.  Clinton Township surrounds one of the earliest roadways in Michigan, originally called the Great Saulk Trail known today as US 12.  This highway has become a heavily traveled roadway between Detroit and Chicago.  Once a dirt trail between two cities that took eight days by stagecoach can now be accomplished in hours.

Clinton  Township  has 1889 parcels of land and over 3604 residents. Clinton

Township is an area rich in Michigan history and has been called the Gateway

to the Irish Hills.  It is primarily a rural farming community that also invites

industrial companies to the area.  Also located in Clinton Township are a variety

of retail shops, grocery stores, a movie theater and an array of restaurants.

Clinton Community Schools is a highly sought after school district that encourages out of district students to attend through School of Choice.

Clinton Township welcomes you to visit.

We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 - noon. We are closed on most holidays.



Clinton Township Board Members

Supervisor Phillip Reiser
Clerk Cheryl Matzinger
Treasurer Joanna Thompson
Trustee W. James Murphy
Trustee Basil Greenleaf